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Sarah, Quit CoachAug 08, 2017 @ 8:15 PM
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Quitting smoking can be filled with all sorts of emotion, Doyle: happy, sad, scared, elated, and on and on! But one thing it sounds like is that you are really listening to your own needs, and what your body/mind need, during this process. Take it day by day, sometimes hour by hour, and try to not look too far ahead in the future. And as each smoke-free day passes you by, remember to pat yourself on the back and remind yourself you got through another 24hrs! Warmest regards....and congrats! Sarah
DoyleAug 08, 2017 @ 5:09 PM
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Although I was told to keep smoking up to 8-12 days after starting champix, I stopped 2 days ago.  I am on step 3 of the patch and sometimes use lozenges but not more than 4 a day.  My quit date is still August 15, (I stopped on the 6) but I want to be free of all nicotine in my system at that time.  As someone on an earlier post mentioned, I read Allen Carr's Easy way to quit smoking and it helped immensly.  A small issue is my confidence in staying quit.  It's like I'm scared to not be strong enough.  I feel an uneasy feeling in my heart, and am afraid.  Maybe that's a good thing - who knows.  But for now, I am happy and feel good.