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Paul, Quit CoachApr 19, 2017 @ 2:21 PM
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Hi everyone, here are the 2 winners from our April contest. By being smoke free for 7 consecutive days, they not only have 9 times the chances of remaining smoke free for good, but they both have an extra $500 in their wallets.

Congratulations to both, as well as everyone who entered and was able to be smoke free for seven days, or for two days. Every attempt counts, and gives you vital skills and experience. If not this time, then get ready for May 1st. 


April winner #1: Erin Duffenais from Kingston, ON 

Erin recommends quitting together if you are part of a couple and says her friend is going to get an extra special birthday gift with the prize money! 

April winner #2: Martin Prevost from Morrisburg, ON 

Martin attributes part of his success to using Smokers’ Helpline (phone and text) and the patch. His advice to other smokers is to never give up.

Keep trying everyone, and please do enter the May contest today. You can enter up to 3 months after your quit day, which means that a quit date of February 1st or later makes you eligible for May's contest.


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