First Week Challenge Contest / May First Week Challenge Winners!

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Sarah, Quit CoachMay 17, 2017 @ 11:34 AM
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Exciting news! The May winners of the First Week Challenge are:
May winner #1: Terry Kirkbride from London, ON
Terry was thrilled with the news! Her motivation was in part due to the death of her mother from lung cancer. She sought help from the Addiction Services of Thames Valley’s STOP Program and used the patches supplied. She heard about the contest on Facebook.
May winner #2: Dean Charland from Dundas, ON
Dean was beyond excited! He has never won anything, although he had entered Driven to Quit in the past. This prize is very timely as he lost his wallet last week. He got it back – but without the cash – and is very thankful for the $500. His advice is that you need to quit for you and no one else.