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Paul, Quit CoachJan 20, 2017 @ 4:07 PM
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Thank you for the reply and questions fireball, and congratulations on your quit. There are 3 streams you can enter. The do-it-yourself one is free, and if you register before Jan 23, you are eligible to win a $1000 by virtue of already being quit. 

Of course, the ultimate goal for all of you is to quit and hope you stay quit, and also wish that you decide to make the Run to Quit program be a part of your success and 'new life', if that suits you. 

And remember, you can walk or run the 5k for the spring/summer portion of our contest with the potential of winning a new 2017 Honda Civic and other cash prizes.

Also, you might want to follow the Run to Quit Facebook page to read about people who have enjoyed the program.

Good luck everyone.

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fireballJan 13, 2017 @ 9:28 AM
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Good morning. I have been thinking about joining the run to quit challenge online program. Has anyone else signed up for this program and if so are you enjoying it and finding it worthwhile? I am able to walk 5 km per day but would like to step it up to jogging 5 kilometres per day. I have been smoke free since January 2nd.

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Paul, Quit CoachJan 12, 2017 @ 11:56 AM
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Hi everyone,
Hopefully you'll feel like a million dollars by being smoke free. We'd like to help you get there, and if you have already quit, or think you'll quit by the end of February, you can win $1000 just by registering at:  http://www.runtoquit.com/
The running/walking part can come later on, and then you could also win a brand new 2017 Honda Civic Coup LX or 1 of 13 cash prizes totalling $16,000! That being said, we encourage everyone to make exercise a part of your quit plan if at all possible, as that increases your chances of successfully quitting.
Good luck. One day, one step at a time everyone.

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