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Marianne, Quit CoachOct 15, 2017 @ 4:52 PM
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Hello Ocean,

To clarify exactly what you mean, can you please email us through "contact us" or call us tomorrow?  Once we know which group you are looking for Run to Quit through the Running Room or a Community Cessation group, then we can give you the detail your looking for.  

Talk to you soon.  


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OceanOct 14, 2017 @ 4:58 PM
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Hi Paul,
I registered for an Ottawa area group.  Now, do I wait until they offer a program?  I saw one that starts tomorrow which I could go down too in person, but maybe it takes a while to register me, so I have to do the next program?   It says the next program is later in the year, not tomorrow.  I'm confused.

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Paul, Quit CoachAug 17, 2017 @ 5:25 PM
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Hi everyone, 

We are pleased to let you know that our Fall Session for Run to Quit is now open for registration. Participants can join a Virtual Training Program or Do it yourself (DIY). 

We are also launching an In Store Training Programs for the Fall in:

- Burlington (start date Sept 11),

- Aurora (start date Sept 11)

- Beaches (start date Sept 15)

Participants who register and quit smoking are eligible to win $1000. Contest deadline is September 30th. Our website has also been updated so check it out! runtoquit.com

To order new promotional resources, please email runtoquit@cancer.ca.

Print material, digital material & a new social media toolkit is now available.  

Good luck with your quits, your walks and/or runs, and with the contest.

Let's have some fun. Everyone who tries is a winner! 

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