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Sarah, Quit Coach Aug 08, 2017 (03:33 PM)  

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Hello hopingthistime- thank you for your post! Manderson4 shared some insight to the benefits of NRT, including the fast-acting appeal of the mist. The patch can indeed be combined with other NRT products like the gum, spray or inhaler, but we would always suggest if you want to use more than one NRT product to consult with a health care professional - which you have! We do not have enough evidence-based information to provide you with a recommendation about using the ecig, and/or vaping while on the patch. Again, we would suggest you speak with your MD if have any further questions about it. Warmly, Sarah

hopingthistime Aug 08, 2017 (03:11 PM)  

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thank you for your reply Manderson4...much appreciated. I also felt the mist helpful for but now cravings getting intense and mist not helping that much...does anyone know if I choose to vape for only the cravings while on the patch, if it is dangerous? any advice from the specialists?

manderson4 Aug 08, 2017 (01:30 PM)  

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Do you mean vaping?  I used a vape for the first little while to cut down, then I put that away with my cigarettes.  I think you will find your health care provider is quit knowledgeable about quitting and if its to satisfy a craving I would say use the lozenge or the inhaler.  For the last little while I even used the Nicorette Mist and found that to work the fastest on cravings.

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hopingthistime Aug 08, 2017 (11:25 AM)  

Joined: Aug 08, 2017
Age: 54
Gender: Female
Country: Canada

I've just started the 21 mg nicotine patch. The healthcare provider that is following me advised I could supplement with the inhaler, lozenge or gum when cravings still hit. I want to use the e-cigarette for these times at a low dose e.g. 3 mg. Has anyone done this or know if it is ok?

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