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Paul, Quit Coach Dec 10, 2016 (12:06 PM)  

Joined: Apr 07, 2009
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Hi everyone, 

As you might remember, we gave away a car this year as part of the 2016 Run2Quit, as well as 5 cash prizes of $1000. Most importantly, for everyone who incorporated running or walking 5 km as part of their quit plan, you increased your odds of remaining smoke free for good. 

Good news! We will soon be announcing the $1000 cash prize winner of the fall Run to Quit program. Also, registration for the 2017 challenge will soon re-open.  A 2017 Honda Civic Coup LX, and /or one of 13 cash prizes totaling $16,000 could be yours if you register for the DIY quit challenge or a Run to Quit training program.  

Please feel free to check out more about the contest rules and benefits by visiting our new and improved website at:


Good luck to all participants past and future, and we hope you all enjoy a safe and happy holiday season. 

The Run to Quit team

Smokers' Helpline Online Support Team

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