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wimporswim Jun 20, 2017 (07:47 PM)  

Joined: Jan 03, 2017
Age: 64
Gender: Male
Country: Canada

Awesome post Donna! Thank you! Very good insights. Keep up the good fight. You can & you will do this.

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jennydls Jun 20, 2017 (06:38 PM)  

Joined: Feb 10, 2014

I really enjoyed your post Donna. What a great reminder. You are doing a awesome job, keep it up. Jenny

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My Quit Date: 6/17/2017
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Cigarettes Not Smoked: 60
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Jeyan Jun 19, 2017 (08:04 AM)  

Joined: Nov 24, 2014
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Age: 40
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Good job Donna! Keep it up!

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Treepeo Jun 18, 2017 (11:36 PM)  

Joined: Dec 27, 2016
Age: 57
Gender: Female
Country: Canada
Occupation: Legal Assistant
Hobbies: reading, video games

Hi manderson4,
You deserve to pat yourself on the back over and over again.  You have worked really hard to get to this point.
And I agree with you.  Going through withdrawal and cravings is something I only want to go through once.  So no matter what, I intend to keep my quit.  It has gotten so much easier now, and I feel way better than I did before.  I really enjoy being a non-smoker. 

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My Quit Date: 12/29/2016
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manderson4 Jun 18, 2017 (09:35 PM)  

Joined: Sep 29, 2016
Age: 52
Gender: Male
Country: Canada
Hobbies: Cycling, Computers

Very well said Donna and Paul.  And I agree the nicodemon is very deceitful even the one more lie it keeps feeding me is a lie, I just think of the trouble I had breaking the habit and addiction and think of what I have accomplished.  Heck I am afraid I wil;l dislocated my shoulder some days patting myself on the back.

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My Quit Date: 4/16/2017
Smoke-Free Days: 64
Cigarettes Not Smoked: 4,800
Amount Saved: $3,519.84
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Days: 10 Hrs: 10 Mins: 31 Seconds: 10

One Down One to Go

Efram, Moderator Jun 18, 2017 (08:46 PM)  

Joined: Dec 11, 2012
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Excellent post! Maybe a good one to print and keep handy for future reference! 

"We never were friends" -- how true! The cigarettes didn't help you through problems, they just took the credit! When you see through the cigarettes deceit, they start to lose all power over you. 

It may help to ask your healthcare provider about whether they'd recommend another form of NRT to go along with the patch. This could help lessen physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms in the early stages of becoming a non-smoker. It will get easier over time! 


Smoker's Helpline Support Team

Donna67 Jun 18, 2017 (02:45 PM)  

Joined: Jun 15, 2017
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Age: 51
Gender: Female
Country: Canada
Hobbies: Doing my best to quit

Dear SHO, Not One Puff Ever! I am a non-smoker now so smoking wouldn't help me out in any way shape or form. I don't need a cigarette, I need the support of my family and friends. If I broke down and smoked, my problems wouldn't go away and I wouldn't deal with them any more effectively. The only result would be another problem, I would be a smoker again and I don't want that. I am better and happier as a non-smoker. I am free to take my time to complete things without rushing to get to the next cig. What I need to do takes time so I don't want to rush. The addiction/nicodemon is restless lately and is sending me messages that I'd get through this better with it. The nicodemon is hard at work all of the time trying to rekindle a friendship. I can't forgive the nicodemon for what it's done and we never were friends. I was the slave and the nicodemon was the master. The nicodemon was Never any friend of mine, just a big ugly liar. I will get through this, one way or another. However it ends, I need it to end without any more poison in me from the nicodemon. I will continue to take away it's vice by remembering that it only ever lies. It will always come to me when I am in pain or vulnerable because that's the coward that it really is. I am stronger that the nicodemon because I have the truth on my side. I am true to myself and true to what I say. I am pure of heart and there is no place for the nicodemon in my heart. I will be ever mindful of the nicodemon's presence. It stalks like a thief in the night. It waits for the one moment when it thinks it's been forgotten about. It moves in and tells it's lies and pretends to be a friend. It's just the same old tricks it's always used and now it's been exposed. The only reason I'll let the nicodemon see the light of day is to show everyone what it really is, display it for all to see and keep telling it that it's only a little powerless liar. I hate you nicodemon, we were never friends, and I don't believe in you. You have no power over me. Only my heart has power over me and my heart chooses truth. Goodbye nicodemon, you lost again.

My Milage:

My Quit Date: 6/16/2017
Smoke-Free Days: 2
Cigarettes Not Smoked: 80
Amount Saved: $16.80
Life Gained:
Days: 0 Hrs: 7 Mins: 34 Seconds: 48

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